Wellspring Worship Academy (WMA) - Workshops and Seminars


Wellspring Worship Academy (WMA) focuses on leading people through courses and training on Biblical music, praise and worship in the context of history and the contemporary church.

It is also centers on ‘building people’ – taking them on a journey to experience their full worth and identity, helping people to discover their position and potential and release them into a full expression of wholesome ability and character into the complete worshipping lifestyle of the Church, ministry, worship team and mission, ensuring that they carry a strong sense of God’s favour on their lives, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, affirmed, equipped and empowered.


Workshops and Worship Conference details:


It is about mentoring:

Quite simply, the best way to change a life is to expose it to another life that is headed in the right direction. Spending time with a dedicated worshipper, for example, will teach more than can often be achieved in a month of sermons.



It is about a process:

It understands the Biblical purposes: building people. It is not a collection of books or courses to which you recruit an audience. Jesus did not call us to fill a classroom. He called us to make disciples; disciples who are ready to serve in the Church and in the real world.



It is about values:

Too often Church is built around programmes. The risk is that all energy is put simply maintaining programmes. Wellspring Worship Academy values are non-negotiable and define its purpose and provide direction.



It is about philosophy:

Church is always looking for a good idea. The number of good ideas can become overwhelming. Having a Biblical ministry philosophy facilitates visionary leadership as opposed to leadership chasing ideas in all directions.


Worship Leaders





Worship Musicians




Church Leaders


Anyone with a heart for worship


Aged 15+


Wellspring Worship Academy. Subjects include:


The Heritage of Worship: The early church to present day.



Building a Worship Team: A team of tutors, including worship pastors, church leaders, men and women of significant experience will share their journey’s as well as how to make a Sunday happen!



The Theology of Worship: What we believe effects the way we live and the way we worship.



Excellence: How to cultivate an excellent spirit that produces a spirit of excellence in all we are and do.



Worship and the Prophetic: Can the two ever be separated? Lifting the lid on worship in spirit and truth.


More details coming soon!